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What are the i2ACT-800 Software Tools?

The i2ACT-800 tools are purpose-built cybersecurity assessment and compliance tools designed for the security architecture developed by NIST contained in the Special Publication 800 series in response to the requirements defined in the Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA). This tool includes all security controls contained in NIST SP 800-53 and all security requirements contained in NIST SP 800-171. The tools fully support cyber requirements specified in the DFARS 204.73, the FAR 4.19 clause 52.204-21, the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), CNSSI-1253, and supports the RMF adopted by the Department of Defense (DoD) as a replacement for the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). The Imprimis i2ACT-800 database software tools make implementing the NIST SP 800 series manageable, allowing you to focus resources on critical requirements.

The tools have been designed with you in mind and bring an organized, user-friendly, and sequential approach to cyber compliance. The built-in efficiencies reduce the labor and cost of compliance to a small fraction of what would be required for manual compliance using spreadsheets to map out the required control matrix. The tools allow you to easily navigate the regulations pertaining to your industry and establish and maintain a tailored baseline based upon the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process. It also documents your progress and ensures your team’s preparedness for internal and external audit success.

Functional Benefits

  • Makes achieving compliance affordable

  • Greatly improved accuracy in compliance

  • Supports in-process, on-the-job training

  • Completes assessments faster and reduces total team labor by 50% or more at first use and by more than 85% for recurring reviews

  • Integrates corporate team (management, IT HR, Security, Sales)

User Benefits

  • Clarity of purpose – demystifies compliance

  • Builds confidence to handle expanding or growing requirements

  • Reduces anxiety by making compliance a “controlled” process

  • Tool is regularly updated with new requirements and regulations

  • Fast, affordable and effective – i2ACT-800 brings all three

  • Puts user in driver seat by gaining control by clear requirements, processes for assessing and complying, planning within resources


  • Includes Standards and Practices (NIST, DFARS, FAR, DSS-AAPM, RMF, CNSS, etc.)

  • Provides an overview of, and supports, the entire Risk Management Framework (RMF) process

  • Puts the entire standard in a searchable database at the user’s fingertips

  • Determines which regulations apply, customizable baselines and easy tailoring

  • Provides traceability and long-term trend analysis

  • Incorporates scans and other attachments into the database

  • Intuitive user interface requiring little to no training

  • Provides Intent and Suggested Evidence to support the user

  • Provides guidance and best practices

  • Produces a remediation plan, POA&M and numerous other reports

  • 800-171 Policies and Procedures, Security Systems Plan, Incident Response Plan templates

  • Subnet, multiple site or subcontractor rollup

  • User training supported via manuals, videos, webcasts, etc.

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“Working with Imprimis tools and services has been productive, to say the least!  The friendliness of the i2ACT-800 tools and various templates provide an “expert system” on the path to compliance.  Imprimis’ support staff have provided stellar, just-in-time help when I’ve had questions.”

Steve Gleason

Micro Craft, Inc.

“Imprimis, Inc. (i2) was indispensable in launching our NIST 800-171 compliance effort.  The i2ACT-800 software platform turned the daunting task of assessment into a methodical and thoroughly documented process.  The on-site assessment support provided critical technical and regulatory guidance to help us interpret the controls in the specific context of our organization’s operational environment, and to ensure that our assessment was accurate and our remediation plan sufficient.  Thanks to Imprimis, we now have a clear understanding of our 800-171 status and a solid plan to efficiently achieve and maintain full compliance.”

Michael Kleemann

Variation Reduction Solutions, Inc.

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