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The i2ACT-800 suite of cybersecurity compliance database software tools was developed by Imprimis, Inc. out of necessity.  We initially found internalizing, understanding, organizing and ultimately complying with the controls used in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to be an overwhelming task. i2ACT-800 products were born out of a need to solve our own compliance problems, which made our entire focus on creating a tool that was easy to use, was in a database format and was as flexible as possible.  We couldn’t find anything available on the market that supported our need for flexibility, power, and ease of use without a huge price tag and, even then, the effectiveness and flexibility was not there.  As we developed and refined our system, we found that other companies faced similar challenges and that they, too, lacked ideal tools for the task.


It became our mission to develop a suite of products to help companies of any size achieve cybersecurity compliance without breaking their banks or their backs!


To this day, we continue to update our products in response to changes or updates to regulatory requirements or to respond to newly identified customer needs.


We also use our i2ACT-800 software tools and compliance services to conduct compliance assessments for many diverse types of companies -- small to mid-sized, defense contractors, manufacturers, etc.  These assessments provide insight into the use of our tools and help us continue to update and strengthen the functionality of the products as appropriate.


The i2ACT-800 software tools offer a wide range of benefits to include:


  • Productivity -- makes the assessment process effective and efficient and strives to make it as simple as possible.   The time required to get started is minimized, so your team can get right to work.

  • Focus -- allows your team to focus on the most critical tasks in the assessment and remediation process.

  • Thoroughness -- leads your team to document results in a way that makes your status clear and provides defensible evidence should your company ever face an external compliance audit or must respond to a reportable incident.

  • Useful Reports -- produces numerous reports at differing levels of detail.   The tools can produce assessment and remediation reports detailed enough for use by your security/IT staff but still be comprehensible to your C-suite.    The Remediation Plan generated from the assessment can also act as your Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M), detailing exactly what needs to be done to reach full compliance.  The POA&M can then feed into Microsoft Excel and/or Project to allow for easy creation of other views.

  • Flexibility -- supports a true Risk Management Framework (RMF) process of selecting baselines or controls and supports many cybersecurity standards or baselines, to include:

    • DFARS

    • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

    • Defense Security Service Assessment and Authorization Process Manual (DSS AAPM)

    • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

    • Committee for National Security Systems Instruction 1253

    • National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) 800-53

    • NIST 800-171

    • NIST 800-82

  • Continued Updates – the software tools are continually monitored and updated to reflect any regulatory changes – one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Confidence – builds team confidence to handle expanding or growing requirements and reduces anxiety by making compliance a controlled process.

  • Comprehensive – products for full-spectrum compliance (assessments, remediation plans, POA&M’s, reporting, policies and procedures, Systems Security Plan, Incident Response Plan, rollup capability).

  • Cost Benefit -- perhaps most importantly, the functionality and productivity gains built into the software tools (50% or more reduction in assessment and remediation labor) provide the most effective and efficient way to tackle cybersecurity compliance at a cost that even very small companies can manage.   This provides a strong cost benefit – tremendous reduction in labor for a very small investment.


If you want to find out more about who Imprimis, Inc. are, feel free to visit our main company website

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