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i2ACT Compliance Partners

Imprimis works with many organizations to further the cybersecurity knowledge base, both business and personal, through training and cybersecurity compliance.   Several organizations have selected the i2ACT-800 product line to help them and their members achieve compliance with applicable cybersecurity standards.

Imprimis welcomes other companies as partners in this effort and offers the “Channel Partner” program as one of the easiest ways to do this.    Channel Partner companies/organizations receive significant discounts on all i2ACT-800 products and services and are given their own portal in our online store.  In return, Channel Partners agree to promote and use the i2ACT-800 products as their cybersecurity compliance solution.

Polaris Alpha

Polaris Alpha is a high-tech, mission-focused constellation of expertise dedicated to navigating the increasingly complex battlefields of interconnected warfighting domains. By uniting some of the brightest emerging stars in the national security industry, we’re uniquely positioned to assist with the issues faced by today’s operational environments.


With a vast array of fielded, proven products already addressing a broad spectrum of defense and intelligence challenges, we have the technical foundation to deliver reliable solutions in support of the most critical missions.


The Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DIB ISAC) selected i2ACT-800 as the cybersecurity compliance tool to power their “Cyber Verify™” in which they verify and certify compliance.   They also recommend i2ACT-800 to their members as an aid in achieving compliance.


DIB ISAC members receive a discount on purchases of the i2ACT-800 product and services series. 

Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership

MD MEP (Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership) is focused on growing and strengthening Maryland Manufacturers. They provide high quality resources and services to help manufacturers increase profits, improve processes and build their people. As part of the NIST MEP network dedicated to growing US manufacturing, MD MEP is committed to making the State of Maryland a leader in manufacturing.


MD MEP has selected the i2ACT-800 product series for their IT vendors to use when performing cybersecurity assessments, remediation, and other compliance activities.    They have also has joined with Imprimis, Inc. as a Channel Partner.

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) mission is to bring all manufacturing companies in the state of Michigan into cybersecurity compliance.   In that role, MMTC has selected the i2ACT-800 product series for their IT vendors to use when performing cybersecurity assessments, remediation, and other compliance activities. They have also has joined with Imprimis, Inc. as a Channel Partner.

National Cybersecurity Center

The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) is a nonprofit organization located in Colorado Springs, CO providing collaborative cybersecurity knowledge and services to the nation.   NCC recognizes i2ACT-800’s value in cybersecurity compliance and recommends it to its members.   I2ACT-800 is one the first products accepted into the NCC’s Resource Registry.  


CONNSTEP provides Connecticut manufacturers and other businesses advanced business and technical solutions that help you to grow strategically, improve profitability, and create sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) selected the i2ACT-800 software tool to assess, remediate and enhance cybersecurity standards for the manufacturing infrastructure and their members.   It acquired several dozen copies for its use and to ‘seed’ amongst its members to help promote compliance.

Somerset Systems

In business since 2007, Somerset Systems provides managed IT services to clients in the Washington, DC area. We collaborate closely with our clients to minimize downtime, respond quickly to IT issues, reduce total cost and build an IT strategy that grows along with our customers.

Twin State Technical Services

As the leading IT services firm in the Quad City region for the last 25 years, we’re passionate about providing affordable and comprehensive solutions.  Whether working from our office or coming to yours, our team of over 35 associates specialize in most every aspect of technology. This enables us to meet any technical challenge while making sure our solutions are easy-to-use, so you get the most out of your technology.

Real IT Care

Real IT Care is located in central Pennsylvania and is tightly partnered with the state’s MEP network assisting manufacturers in becoming NIST 800-171 compliant.  Real IT Care successfully guides DoD companies through compliance challenges, working cooperatively with the manufacturer’s IT consultants. 

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